Carl Craig Synthesizer Ensemble us

Detroit Techno heavy hitter takes his music to the next level

Saturday, April 7th


venue Concertgebouw → Concertzaal, seated

doors 6.30 pm start 10.30pm einde 11.45 pm

tickets €26 presale / €29 at the desk (excl. €2 admin. fee)

all-in tickets sat 07.04 €32 presale / €35 at the desk (excl. €2 admin. fee)

Since his first releases in 1989, Carl Craig is considered one of the most progressive and consistent producers of the second wave of Detroit Techno. His career stretches over more than 25 years, an eternity in the world of dance, and remains qualitative and uncompromising. Whether from behind the booth, in the studio or as an orchestrator, Craig is always on top of his game.

On More Music!, Carl Craig performs his most renown tracks live, supported by a grand piano and a real synthesizer ensemble. Techno meets classic has become a tested subject, but Carl Craig goes the extra mile once more, confirming his status of musical innovator. The result feels like an orchestral performance, but is layered with the greasy sounds that only analogue synths can produce.

Carl Craig's Synthesizer Ensemble was one of the big revelations on Sonàr Barcelona and Dour Festival, and will be performing on More Music! for an exclusive concert in Belgium!