Dijf Sanders b

Exotica, field recordings & psychedelic grooves

Friday, April 6th


venue Concertgebouw → Kamermuziekzaal

doors 7pm start 11.05pm end 12pm

Discovery Circuit
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Limited capacity, be early!

On Europalia’s request, Multi-instrumentalist Dijf Sanders traveled to Java in 2017, searching for the typical sound of the island. He recorded an impressive collection of fieldrecordings and samples, from which he distilled an exotic record full of sweltering grooves and psychedelic trances.

JAVA was released in 2017 on the Bruges-based W.E.R.F. label, and once again, after his previous exotica album Moonlit Planetarium, a little masterpiece. For live performances, Dijf is accompanied by Nathan Daems, member of the Ethiojazz formation Black Flower, who also supported in recording the album. A concert to listen to, but just as well to dance on until you sweat buckets.