Madensuyu b

New album 'Current' — Unday Records

Friday, April 06th


venue Concertgebouw → Stage, standing

doors 7pm start 8.05pm end 9.05pm

tickets €15 presale / €18 at the desk (excl. €1,5 admin. fee)

all-in tickets fr 06.04 €32 presale / €35 at the desk (excl. €2 admin. fee)

Every five years or so, a whirlwind named Madensuyu lands. With 'D is Done' (2008) and 'Stabat Mater', the duo built their reputation as one of the most breathtaking and exciting bands in our tiny country. Onstage, they become a two-men steamroll on an artistic path without compromise.

On 'Current' (09/02/2018 – Unday), Madensuyu keeps that same track: compelling and mesmerizing songs, built on minimalistic fundamentals, finished with copious amounts of noise when demanded for. Yet, like all of their former releases. A new record implies new musical elements and every album is driven by experiments.

The series of try-outs in Belgium and the Netherlands were sold-out in a matter of seconds. Ants in our pants!