Sunny fr

— Emanuel Gat / Awir Leon

Electronic music and virtuoso dance: an intriguing trip

Wednesday, April 4th


venue Concertgebouw → concertzaal, seated

doors 6.30pm → Introduction by Gloria Carlier 7.15pm → start 8pm

tickets €35 rank 1 / €28 rank 2 / €20 rank 3

tickets -26 reduction €17,5 rank 1 / €14 rank 2 / €10 rank 3
(All ticket prices are €1 admin. fee exclusive)

'SUNNY', after the Marvin Gaye song of the same name - is a live concert and dance performance in one. With his warm voice and exquisite electronics, Awir Leon builds an atmospheric soundscape. Think of the sound of James Blake, Chet Faker ... or even Thom Yorke. Choreographer Emanuel Gat’s dance evolves into an increasingly virtuosic intertwining. Silences, playful costumes, piercing glances and laughter create a world full of youthful exuberance.