The Colorist Orchestra b/irl

ft. Lisa Hannigan

Saturday, April 07th


venue Concertgebouw → Concertzaal, seated

doors 6.30pm start 8pm end 9.30pm

tickets €20 presale / €24 at the desk (excl. €2 admin. fee)

all-in tickets sat 07.04 €32 presale / €35 at the desk (excl. €2 admin. fee)

Kobe Proesmans and Aarich Jespers' octet orchestra, the adventurous pop chamber music collective The Colorist Orchestra, keeps but the outlines of existing songs and fills them with new sounds and colours. They design their own instruments and use existing instruments in an unconventional way to produce a completely new array of sounds. Reknown international artists are invited to join in and overhaul their repertoire with rearrangements and recompositions. Two years ago, The Colorist Orchestra performed at More Music! together with Emiliana Torrini. This time, they bring Lisa Hannigan.

Lisa Hannigan entered the music scene as an inspirational source and vocalist for Damien Rice (in the albums 'O' and '9'). In 2007, she went her own way, resulting in 3 albums up till now. Hannigan's repertoire has a strong connection with Irish music tradition. Live as well as on her records, it is the common thread in her sound and style. Nonetheless, there is a clear link with other genres, proven by her latest album 'At Swim' (2016), which emerged from a close cooperation with Aaron Dessner (The National).

It will be a fascinating interaction and a new challenge for Hannigan, who never shied away from musical adventures, amongst which working for Ray LaMontagne, Richard Hawley, Herbie Hancock and Glen Hansard.